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Entire Plan for SEO

For ranking the website on the top position of search engines, we need to perform concentrated white hat SEO tasks. Thus, to achieve high ranking on major search engine especially on Google, we need to follow certain strategies.

Firstly, we will thoroughly analyze your website, implement On Page Optimization, Content Optimization, Off Page SEO, Link building, create Social Media pages and share information on it to gain site popularity and draw traffic.

Phase 1 – Website Analysis, Technical Audit & Pre SEO Work


I will perform a comprehensive website analysis of its seo factors and internal pages, check backlinks and rankings in deep.


Timeframe: 1-2 days


Phase 2 – On Page Optimization

In this phase, on the basis of the search engine guidelines and parameters, I will do on page optimization followed by keyword research and identification. Please find beneath some of the most important factors on the basis of search engine criteria’s and guidelines. Here are the main activities under this phase:



  • Keyword Research
  • Keywords Finalization and Placement
  • Keyword Mapping
  • Content Optimization: – Keywords Density, Prominence and Proximity
  • Tracking Code Integration
  • Webmaster Tool Submission
  • Identifying Keywords and Making Hyperlinks
  • Meta Tags
  • Title tag optimization
  • Sitemaps optimization
  • Product optimization
  • txt
  • Heading tags
  • Internal Linking
  • Rich Snipets, Microdata
  • URL rewriting (if required)
  • Image Optimization
  • Site Compression
  • Server Header Optimization
  • HTML/CSS validation
  • Canonicalization issue
  • Inline CSS
  • Header optimization
  • Footer optimization
  • Alt tag optimization
  • Image expires tag
  • JS/CSS file minify
  • Page cache

Time: This is one time process and will take 7 to 8 days time.

Phase 3 – Off Page Optimization & Link building


I will submit individual pages of your site independently, a practice known as deep submission to all major search engines including those which are country and industry-specific to help you get the best rankings possible in the best and most popular search engines. Off-page optimization includes various submission detail of which is given below:


  1. Directory and Search Engine Submission
  2. Article Submission or Syndication
  3. Forum Posting
  4. Blog Creation and Promotion
  5. Social Bookmarking
  6. Blog Commenting & Guest Blogging
    7. Submission to Regional and Industry Specific Search Engines
  7. Submission of Press Releases in Various PR Websites
  8. Classified Ads Management to Increase Direct Leads
  9. Google Sitemap Submission
  10. RSS Feed Submission to Increase Crawling Rate
  11. Business Listing
  12. PPT and PDF posting,
  13. Yahoo answers/question
  14. Review submission
  15. White paper submission
  16. Local Citation
  17. Tired Linking
  18. Article promotion
  19. Landing page creation and promotion
  20. Product Promotion
  21. Product submission

Time: This is an ongoing task and will take minimum of 3-4 months time. You will see the improvements after 30 to 40 days. The longest is 5-6 months.

Phase: 4 Social Media Optimization


Social Media Optimization is more popular now a day and every business owner wants their presence over these social Websites like twitter, Google Plus, Facebook and many more. Our social media optimization includes:



  • Joining Social Websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. and posting over there.
  • Social Media Tasks: Facebook


  1. Create a facebook fan page and add people.
  2. Increasing the likes from real people.
  3. Creating and increasing the real friends.
  4. Inviting people and friends to join groups, events, communities, etc.
  5. Posting site content and link on the Facebook Page.
  6. Create 3 to 4 posts Everyday


  • Social Media Tasks: Twitter
  1. Create Twitter Account.
  2. Increasing Tweets.
  3. Increasing the followers.
  4. Create 3 to 4 tweets everyday


  • Social Media Tasks: Youtube
  1. Creating Channels
  2. Increasing the subscribers and likes.
  3. Promoting the channels.
  4. Posting videos related to site and share it.
  5. Share video links on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.


  • Social Media Tasks: LinkdIn
  1. Participate in Discussion and share link of a website.
  2. Make a attractive company profile.
  3. Create more connections.


  • Social Media Tasks: Google Plus
  1. Create Business Page.
  2. Increase Google plus for the Business Page.
  3. Add relevant circles and keep posting on that.
  4. Create Posts 3 to 4 everyday


  • Social Media Tasks: Pinterest
  1. Creating Account.
  2. Sharing image and site links.
  3. Other image sharing site.
  4. Share site content on them.
  • Joining Targeted Groups and Promoting Website there.
  • Leaving Comment on theme based Articles posted by others.
  • Social Book marking of your Website in different High Quality Websites.
  • Participating in Yahoo Answers
  • And Much More!


Time: This is an ongoing task and will take minimum of 3-4 months time. You will see the improvements after 30 to 40 days. The longest is 5-6 months.





Phase 5 – Google My Business SEO

  • Google My Business Tasks
  1. Keywords Research for GMB
  2. Create and Establish Google My Business Dashboard
  3. Optimize GMB listing
  4. Write high-quality articles and press releases written with call to actions and complete with company information and keywords for your GMB listings.
  5. Optimize Title Tags, Metas, H1 and H2 Tags, Image Alt Text, Inner Linking Structure and Anchor Text, Outbound Link Structure and Anchor Text, Create and Validate Organizational Schema script.
  6. Further optimize the local business JSON markup, Google Maps embed, local relevancy linking, NAP and hours, and a store locator feature.
  7. Manually create local citations based on the location, company NAP and niche to further round out the brand’s digital presence.
  8. Create Geo-Networks create local relevancy for a brand, a key ranking factor in the local search algorithm. These networks can help make the difference is high competition niches and large metro areas that now have an infinite number of map pack based on searcher proximity.
  9. Use top quality content for the geo-network, specifically discussing the location and combine this with the SEO backlinking strategy designed to funnel massive geo-relevance.


Phase 6 – Maintenance


I adhere to a pro-active approach and constantly monitor your Website’s rankings and traffic, and analyze all relevant statistics. In case of a deviation from expected results, I do an in-depth review and implement effective measures so that your Website remains most visible on major search engines. It mainly includes – reviewing keywords ranking and traffic, Meta and heading tags of new pages, increasing link popularity to stable your ranking in search engines, top 10 positions of new pages, updating and maintaining sitemap, RSS feed, robots.txt and keywords density etc.


Note: Search engine optimization is a long term marketing strategy, and in order to continually achieve the highest rankings it is essential to make adjustments and improvements in order to remain competitive. On-going maintenance and research should be carried out on a quarterly basis in order to ensure long-term results.



Your Plan

Disk Space




Email Accounts





For entry level

Complete Technical Audit 

written summary and action plan

onpage optimization

keywords research

google analytics and search console

header, title, meta optimization 

fix bugs and broken links


Monthly Plan


For the midlevel

everything in the seo entry level

web 2.0 backlinks

tier 2 and 3 backlinks

monthly reporting

local citations

high traffic guest post

24/7 Customer Support


Monthly Plan


All premium Features are Available

everything in the entry level

high traffic guest posts

monthly reporting

social media management and optimization

tier 2 and 3 backlinks

local citations

24/7 Customer Support


Monthly Plan



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